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Adult Education Instructional Coordinator

Calhoun Community College
Job Description
1. Review data as maintained in AAESAP. Meet regularly with Data Entry staff to ensure instructor
compliance  with reporting requirements.
2. Ensure instructional programs are based on sound assessment, teaching, learning, support
services, and continual program improvement.
3. Develop and conduct staff development activities under the supervision of the Director,
including but not limited to, computer training for teachers on AE Software programs such as
instruction targeted for TABE Success (ITTS) and KeyTrain.
4. Ensure that each Adult Education teacher achieves the required annual 10 hours of professional
5.  Maintain knowledge of curriculum changes, technological  changes ,  and AE software
applications .
6. Provide advice to the administration on matters pertaining to the Adult Education  program.
7. Coordinate input on acquisition of instructional materials with teachers.
8. Provide opportunities for teachers to continually  examine, rethink, and refine their craft .
9. Foster the teachers' ability to immediately apply what they have learned to improve the
instructional program.
10. Develop curriculum-related materials including POis and lesson plans; support instructors in
their  recruitment efforts.
11. Teach classes as needed.
12. Assist the Director in conducting quarterly class site  visits to monitor instructional
13. Analyze all relevant data, including, but not limited to, the data tables on AAESAP to
determine class performance for each class; make instructional recommendations based on data.
14. Attend local and state in-service meetings.
15. Promote positive and productive relationships with service area businesses, industries, and
16. Perform all duties with professionalism.
17. Serve on committees engaged in furthering the work of the institution when appointed or when
18. Become familiar with institutional policies  and  procedures  as outlined  in  the  College 
Catalog, Personnel Handbook, and Board Policy Manual; and in accordance with the Adult Education
State Plan, and follow  such policies  and procedures.
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