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Director of Advising and Retention

Calhoun Community College
Job Description
  1. Provide overall management of the advising center, including the review of current procedures, services, programs and the development and administration of innovative programs
  2. Supervise and provide leadership for the advisors, orientation teachers, and office staff.
  3. Develop and assess annual departmental goals and objectives.
  4. Conduct in-service and professional development workshops for office staff.
  5. Provide for effective evaluation and assessment of the advising experience of each advisee.
  6. Demonstrate experience and knowledge of early alert systems, such as Starfish or Sage.
  7. Incorporate Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Advising and National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) concept of academic advising.
  8. Stay abreast of new trends, and best practices in the delivery of quality retention and advising, and graduation.
  9. Use data to assess retention and advising services.
  10. Plan, implement, coordinate, teach, and assess Freshman Orientation program and classes.
  11. Advise and register students while helping them become knowledgeable about course requirements relative to the particular major they are pursuing.
  12. Maintain and assist students with developing a working knowledge of STARS program.
  13. Coordinate with the Graduation and Job Placement Specialist a retention and graduation plan that aligns with the College’s strategic plan.
  14. Develop and implement strategies for increasing student, faculty, and staff participation in retention programs.
  15. Promote student success.
  16. Develop, monitor and administer all budgets for the department.
  17. Perform all duties with professionalism.
  18. Practice and teach staff excellent customer service skills.
  19. Serve on College Committees.
  20. Perform related duties as assigned by the Vice President of Student Services.
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