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Decatur-Morgan Chamber

Music Industry Communications Instructor

Calhoun Community College
Job Description
  1. Provide competent classroom and laboratory instruction in the area of credentialed expertise.
  2. Teach at varied times and places and in varied formats based on student demand; day or evening, on the Decatur and Huntsville/Research Park Campus or at other sites, including dual enrollment, traditional classroom, hybrid or web format, and distance education.
  3. Evaluate the progress of students in all classes according to institutional, divisional, departmental, and individual criteria.
  4. Collect, maintain, and submit accurate class records including grades, attendance rosters, absences, withdrawal, and/or class drop information to appropriate offices.
  5. Prepare or assist in the preparation of materials used in academic administration when requested, including course syllabi, program outlines, and catalog material.
  6. Recruit students and grow a viable program with an acceptable graduation rate.
  7. Participate in scheduled in-service activities.
  8. Provide academic and career advice to students and promote student leadership and enrichment experiences.
  9. Be prompt and punctual in reporting for work.Maintain assigned office hours.
  10. Maintain or increase competency in the chosen specialty by seeking new knowledge, improving teaching skills, and updating professional competencies.
  11. Promote positive and productive relationships with service area businesses, industries, and agencies.
  12. Perform all duties with professionalism.
  13. Provide advice to the administration on matters pertaining to the instructional program.
  14. Serve on committees engaged in furthering the work of the institution when appointed or when elected.
  15. Become familiar with institutional policies and procedures as outlined in the College Catalog, Personnel Handbook, and Alabama Community College System Policy Manual; and follow such policies and procedures.
  16. Perform other appropriate professional duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.
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