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Chief Executive Officer

Community Action Partnership of North Alabama, Inc.
Job Description

Organizational Overview
The Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (the Partnership), founded in 1965, has as its primary service area Morgan, Cullman and Lawrence Counties in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. Guided by an eighteen member, tripartite Board of Directors, the Partnership, as a comprehensive community action agency now delivers results in seventeen counties.

Through its nearly 600 full/part time employees, the company achieves its mission through traditional CAA programs such as Head Start/Early Head Start, Energy Assistance, Weatherization, Meals on Wheels and More, Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion, Homeownership Services, Disaster Recovery, Community Building and Engagement, and providing community results as the company partners with other non-profits to address the needs of income eligible families and communities. (Annual Report from 2016 attached).
In addition, the Partnership was chartered as a NeighborWorks affiliate in 2010 and has a large portfolio of affordable housing developments and additional housing projects in development.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)
A U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services program that provides energy assistance to income eligible families in Morgan, Cullman and Lawrence Counties. The average award for a family is $375. Payments are made to the energy provider on behalf of the client.
Home Weatherization
A Dept. of Energy Program that provides energy savings to vulnerable families in Morgan, Cullman, Lawrence, Marion, Winston and Walker Counties. Working with contractors, work is done on homes that reduce energy consumption, reduce air infiltration and improve safety and health. Average cost of a weatherized home is $6,500, at no cost to the homeowner.
Children’s Services
Children’s Services provides the following programs across 16 counties in North Alabama:
Early Head Start (expecting mothers-3 year olds) – Federally funded through HHS for expecting mothers and families that meet the poverty guidelines. Provides comprehensive screening/follow-up, parent education and childcare services at no cost to parents.

Early Head Start Childcare Partnership (birth-3 year olds) – Federal to state funded for families that meet the poverty guidelines. We work in partnership with local childcare centers to meet Performance Standards and improve the overall quality of services to children.

Home-Based Early Head Start (birth-3 year olds) – Federally funded through HHS for families that meet the poverty guidelines. Provides comprehensive screening/follow-up and learning activities through regular home visits.

First Teacher (expecting mothers-5 year olds) – Federal to state funded through MIECHV (Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting) for vulnerable families. Provides in-home instruction to improve parenting skills to enhance their children’s growth and development.

Head Start (3-5 year olds) – Federally funded through HHS for families that meet the poverty guidelines to prepare children for school. Provides comprehensive screenings/follow-up, parent education and early learning environments for children at no cost to parents.

Pre-K (4 year olds) – State funded through competitive grants. Provides early learning environments for 4 year olds to prepare them for Kindergarten.

Senior Companion/Foster Grandparent
These programs engage senior adults in meaningful volunteer service, meeting critical community needs. Through the Foster Grandparent Program, at-risk students in local schools and alternative education settings are able to receive one-on-one mentoring/tutoring. The Senior Companion Program enables vulnerable elderly, disabled and homebound adults to receive in-home assistance, in an effort to remain living independently. This is a United Way supported program.  
Meals on Wheels and More
A locally supported program that prepares a meal in a local industrial kitchen owned by the Company, and then with staff and volunteers, delivers approximately 300 meals to vulnerable people in Morgan County. This is a United Way supported program.
Homeownership Services
Through a certified HUD Housing Counselor, the company provides pre-purchase counseling, foreclosure mitigation, financial capability and other training to support families who desire to be a homeowner, or to keep their home.
Community Development/Storm Recovery
For several years, our company has been helping families recover from the devastating tornadoes of April 2011. Through a CDBG grant administered by ADECA we have replaced homes, rehabbed homes or provided down payment assistance to dozen of families in several counties of NW Alabama. 
Community Building and Engagement
With the support of NeighborWorks America, we have built a relationship and delivered results in East Decatur with the vision of the overall improvement of a part of Decatur that has been in decline. Home rehab, community improvement, safety, NeighborWorks Week Block makeovers, and the formation of the East Decatur Improvement Association are some of the ongoing activities. 
Real Estate Development
Single-family housing development, and multi-family rental developments, primarily through the use of Tax Credits and the HOME program. The existing portfolio consists of 1,654 units in 38 locations across three states. The Company is certified by the Alabama Housing Finance Authority and HUD as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).
The Leadership Opportunity
The CEO will report and be accountable to an 18-member Board of Directors. (By Laws attached) Currently, the CEO has twelve direct reports (see organizational chart). The agency has a solid reputation as a leading non-profit and real estate/affordable housing developer. Presently, the agency is led by Michael Tubbs, who will retire on October 1, 2018. During Mike’s thirteen-year tenure, the agency has had significant growth in program results, funding, service area, employees and productive partnerships. The agency is healthy financially, is well staffed with experienced leaders and has no outstanding program findings or audit issues. The agency has a strong technology infrastructure that allows a better managing of staff and geography. Human Resources and Fiscal operations are sound. Governance is strong with a very capable, knowledgeable, well trained and informed Board. The agency has legal counsel present at all Board Meetings. The agency is in compliance with all Community Service Block Grant Organizational Standards and has a certified Master ROMA trainer on staff.
The Position and Priorities
The CEO will inherit an organization with a strong reputation in north Alabama, the local community, and is known as a national leader as a Community Action Agency and as a NeighborWorks affiliate. The agency, as with all CAA’s, is very dependent on federal grants to sustain its primary mission. The Housing Business Unit is self-sustaining due to development fees and cash flow from the existing portfolio. Most of the $38 million in operating revenue (grant funding) originates within annual, federal appropriations. Some federal funding does move through ADECA, where it retains its federal status. Most programs have income eligibility guidelines, which may vary, but are found within federal poverty guidelines. The administration, compliance and continuation of these funds are tied to the successful performance of the grant, clear results and accountable use of the funding. The agency has established strategic priorities that lessen the dependence on federal funds, but in essence, the very definition of a CAA ties you to this structure. The specific use of and adherence to the particular grant and its guidelines is a necessary discipline of all CAA’s. The Fiscal office (recent audit attached) is responsible to demonstrate clear separation among grant funds. Real Estate Development (portfolio attached) does bring non-federal revenue to the company but those funds are earmarked for future Housing Business Unit operations and ongoing cost. Care is taken so that various grants are not co-mingled and must be accounted for separately.
Key Priorities – Nine Strategic Areas of Focus (Detailed document attached)

  1. Governance                                                                               
  2. Partnerships                                                                     
  3. Human Capital                                                                            
  4. Fiscal                                                                                                 
  5. Results                                                                                      
  6. Communication/Marketing                                                                      
  7. Information Technology                                                                                  
  8. Research and Development 
  9. Facilities/Property and Assets                                                                                          
Experience Skills and Abilities
The CEO is the Leader of the Partnership and is expected to be a model of a servant leader. Reporting to the Board, the CEO provides leadership for the organization and the leadership team. The CEO is accountable for carrying out the objectives of the Strategic Plan, assure compliance with all grants, understand the financial status of the company, ensure goals are accomplished, is engaged in Human Resource matters, and guides the application of all policies and procedures (HR Policy and Fiscal Policy attached). The CEO is the voice of the Company and is expected to represent the company in a professional manner with all forms of media. The CEO must be passionate for the mission of the Partnership and must be able to articulate the vision and values of the company in many different settings. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal, relationship-building and communication skills in order to effectively lead the organization with staff and all external audiences. The CEO must have proven, progressive experience as a key leader in a dynamic and results driven organization. The CEO must have broad organizational skills that would include strategic planning, human resources, the ability to analyze business trends and broaden the reach and impact of the agency through new and innovative programs or partnerships. The CEO will be expected to provide leadership through the direct reports and have a performance management process in place that will optimize the Lead Team’s individual and collective performance. The CEO will be energetic, set a fast pace, able to encourage others and delegate for high performance. The CEO will be a good listener and able to show mature judgment in critical issues.
Preferred Qualifications
Candidates will possess at minimum a Bachelor’s degree. (Job Description attached) Advanced academic degrees are preferred. Significant training, certifications and credentials that would be relevant to this position are expected. Candidates must have a minimum of ten years of progressively responsible experience in a for profit, corporate, non-profit or public sector role, which would include at least five years in a senior leadership or executive position. Candidates must have an understanding of corporate finance, human resources, legal matters, public policy that affects the agency, and the ability to grow partnerships. The CEO must have superior written and public presentation skills, a proficient user of digital technology and be a user of social media within the business environment.
Position Screening Process
After an initial screening for qualified candidates, background checks will be conducted on each preferred candidate. Chosen candidates will then participate in an extensive in-person interview conducted by the selection committee. Candidates selected for an interview at the Central Office in Decatur, Alabama will be expected to spend one to two hours with the Selection Committee, and each candidate will be given an opportunity to demonstrate experientially their ability to perform in scenarios relative to the position description. A preferred candidate will emerge from this intensive process and will be recommended to the Board of Directors. Final determination and a job offer will be dependent on the Board’s decision.
Job Requirements
Valid driving license. A safe driving record. Current vehicle insurance. Ability to pass an ABI-FBI and credit check. Drug free. Ability to travel by air to meetings and conferences as a representative of the agency. Able to travel within the state, region and nation. Able to engage in physical activities in the community.  
Working Conditions
Work is performed primarily in an office environment as well as a variety of settings among diverse audiences and situations. A considerable amount of time will be required in meetings, at a computer screen and in personal interactions with staff. Presence in the community at events is common. Frequent use of phones and email will be required. Frequent work outside of normal work hours is common.

Competitive compensation and benefits package.  Annual salary starting at $133,900.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama health insurance coverage through PEEHIP (Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan).  Single coverage for all full-time employees required for a $75.00 monthly premium.  Family coverage is available for a monthly premium amount of $282.00.  The Partnership contributes $800 towards insurance benefits on behalf of each full-time employee.  Partnership employees are part of the Teachers Retirement Systems of Alabama.  All full-time employees are required to participate and currently contribute 6% of wages towards retirement.  The Partnership contribution rate is currently 11.01%.         
Application Process
Interested candidates should apply through the company website www.capna.org
where each person will complete an on line application and will be expected to attach a cover letter and a thorough professional resume.
Community Action Partnership of North Alabama is an equal opportunity employer.  
Contact Information

The Chamber wishes to thank its Strategic Partners for their support.

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