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Property Manager

Decatur Housing Authority Property Manager  
The Decatur Housing Authority is seeking an experienced, highly motivated Property Manager. Under the supervision of the Director of Housing Management, this position is responsible for managing a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-regulated public housing complex within Decatur Housing Authority (DHA), requiring the application of detailed federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and procedures. These duties include, but are not limited to housing occupancy, rent determination and collection, resident relations, and office procedures for the Housing Authority's developments. Requirements include a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Social Work, Public Administration, or a closely related field, or  three to five (3-5) years of related housing experience; one year of supervisory experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which, in the sole determination of the Housing Authority, constitutes the required knowledge and abilities.   
Qualified applicants should complete an application. The application can be found on our website at: 
Drug/ Alcohol/Smoke-Free Workplace  
EOE Employer 


The fundamental reasons this classification exists is to manage a Department of Housing and 
Urban Development (HUD)-regulated public housing complex within the Decatur Housing
Authority (DHA), requiring the application of detailed federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and procedures. Under the supervision of the Director of Housing Management, the Property Manager is responsible for various duties relative to housing occupancy, rent determination and collection, resident relations, and office procedures for the Housing Authority's developments.
This position may manage up to 250 or more units.  
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (All duties listed may not be included in any one position nor does the list include all tasks found in a position of this class.) 
1.         Manages financial operations of the assigned property/properties using a calculator, following departmental rules, regulations, and guidelines to ensure properties are operated in a manner consistent with HUD financial guidelines and procedures.
  • Submits requests for goods and services within the established budget.
  • Collects rent, safeguards deposits and accounts for rental receipts.
  • Conducts or oversees the inventory of all property.
  • Monitors the timely receipt and reconciliation of rent collections.
  • Analyzes and reviews monthly and/or quarterly financial statements.
  • Establishes and implements leasing goals.
  • Ensures timely completion and processing of payroll records.
  • Assists in developing the budgets for project-based accounting and responsible for maintaining the budgets in a manner capable of generating information to meet HUD and
DHA  reporting requirements.
  • Maximizes rental income while minimizing expenses through financial planning and controls.
  • Evaluates market conditions and trends for competitive service.
  • Monitors contractor for compliance and controls costs.
  • Recommends contract cancellation or renewal based on past performance.
2.         Manages the rental program using a calculator, computer, and various forms, and documents following departmental guidelines and HUD guidelines to ensure eligibility is established for applicants.
  • Determines family income, rent adjustments, rent supplements, income verifications, and continued occupancy.
  • Exercises final approval over applications for residency and lease agreements based on required application data collected, fingerprint results, and background checks.
  • Enforces leases and rent collection program.
  • Processes move-out paperwork and inspections of units in a timely manner.
  • Enforces policies and procedures for screening applicants.
  • Refers resident for appropriate housing counseling.
  • Monitors delinquencies and initiates past due rent collections.
  • Counsels residents delinquent in paying rent and service charges to secure overdue rents and charges to minimize TARs and collection losses before eviction procedures begin. •           Responsible for the maintenance of Tenant Account Receivables (TARs) at or below
  • Orients new residents on the practices of DHA.
  • Follows up with residents to ensure they maintain the standards of the DHA.
  • Handles and resolves complaints regarding applicants' concerns about eligibility or
  • Initiates eviction proceedings as needed.
3.         Oversees building, grounds maintenance, and security of the property following HUD rules, regulations, and guidelines, and departmental rules and regulations to ensure grounds and units are properly maintained.
  • Inspects grounds and facilities routinely to determine necessity of repairs and maintenance to include move-ins and move-outs.
  • Inspects the property by checking buildings and grounds for security, damages, graffiti, and hazardous conditions.
  • Receives phone calls and takes work orders from residents and assigns maintenance crew or contacts maintenance contractors.
  • Follows up with resident to ensure that work was completed.
  • Ensures that maintenance employees are on-call to handle emergency repairs.
  • Develops and implements preventive maintenance program.
4.         Supervises two or more full-time employees, follows departmental rules, regulations, and guidelines, personnel rules and regulations to ensure effective performance of employees and consistent application of all policies and procedures. Participates in the interview process for employment and makes hiring recommendations. 
  • Sets standards for work performance and communicates standards to employees.
  • Conducts performance appraisals and counsels’ employees on performance.
  • Evaluates training needs and provides appropriate training to employees.
  • Enforces policies and procedures and documents performance.
  • Assigns work duties and approves leave.
  • Evaluates introductory employees' progress and recommends acceptance or termination.
5.          Coordinates residents' services for property/properties.
  • Responds to questions and complaints from residents and the public.
  • Investigates complaints, disturbances, and violations, and resolves problems.
  • Prepares announcements, newsletters, and/or calendar of events.
  • Shows apartments to prospective residents.
6.         Performs annual interviews and in-home inspections to update files and conducts interim recertifications with residents for continued housing occupancy. 
  • Oversees interim reviews as applicable.
  • Oversees all rent changes on all redeterminations and reexaminations.
  • Ensures household income and family composition is verified.
  • Submits 50058 files to HUD.
  • Completes work orders for repairs, if needed.
  • Counsels residents on proper housekeeping methods.
  • Verifies resident-supplied data and recalculation of net income and rent.


  1. Assists Resident Council members in promotion of Resident Council meetings and activities.
  2. Assists Resident Council in procurement of announcement flyers and other items necessary for conducting resident business.
  3. Performs other work-related duties as assigned.


  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Social Work, Public Administration, or three to five (3-5) years of related housing experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which, in the sole determination of the Housing Authority, constitutes the required knowledge and abilities.
  2. One year of supervisory experience.
  3. Knowledge of financial planning and budgeting procedures to include projecting and tracking expenditures and revenues as needed to develop, administer, and monitor the Housing Complex's operating budget, analyze, and interpret financial data, and prepare financial reports, statements, and/or projections.
  4. Knowledge of federal, state, and local codes and ordinances pertaining to residential, multifamily facility design, construction, and maintenance.
  5. Knowledge of business and management principles involved in planning, human resources modeling, leadership techniques, and coordination of people and resources.
  6. Knowledge of property management principles, procedures, and standards as applied to public housing.
  7. Knowledge of the purpose, policies, and regulations of the Housing Authority as established by the Board of Commissioners and/or set forth by HUD regulations as needed to determine eligibility of applicants for Public Housing and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  8. Knowledge of the plans, programs, and organizational structure of the Housing Authority as needed to prepare monthly reports and keep abreast of housing vacancies, availability, and assignment of vacant units.
  9. Knowledge of the federal, state, and city laws and ordinances governing Public Housing including health laws, fire regulations, leasing of property, and evictions as needed to provide information to new applicants/residents.
  10. Knowledge of HUD procurement and contracting process and associated local, state, and federal regulations.
  11. Knowledge of Decatur Housing Authority (DHA) personnel policies and procedures and local, state, and federal regulations, policies, and procedures pertaining to hiring, disciplining, and retention of employees to include personnel rules and regulations, ADA, EEOC, leave, insurance, retirement, workers' compensation, and performance appraisal methods and techniques as needed to supervise staff and address employee issues. 12.           Knowledge of facility maintenance to include basic knowledge of mechanical and
electrical systems, grounds maintenance, safety and security as needed to supervise maintenance employees and contractors and respond to tenant complaints.
  1. Knowledge of Decatur Housing Authority policies and procedures to include procedures for reporting work-related injuries, rules for requesting and reporting overtime, sick and annual leave as needed to supervise and counsel employees.
  2. Knowledge of accepted supervisory methods and techniques as needed to direct staff activities and operations.
  3. Knowledge of the restrictions and proprietary standards regarding discussion of organizational operations, plans, problems, or relationships with other organizations.
  4. Knowledge of procedures used to credit or debit accounts based on activity in area of responsibility.
  5. Knowledge of standard bookkeeping and accounting principles and procedures.
  6. Knowledge of employee medical insurance policies, retirement plan coverage, and other employee benefits, services, and policies.
  7. Knowledge of required forms for obtaining and processing applicant or employee information.
  8. Knowledge of procedures used to calculate principle, interest, taxes, fees, discounts, and payment schedules.
  9. Knowledge of provisions or organizational policies regarding wage and salary administration.
  10. Knowledge of policies and regulations concerning the collection, recording, and dissemination of personnel data.
  11. Skill in oral communication to include clarity, accuracy, conciseness, communicating on the level of the listener, recognizing when information has been misunderstood, and determining how to remedy the misunderstanding as needed to explain policies and procedures and to provide and exchange information to persons with varying levels of education, cultural backgrounds, and ages.
  12. Skill in written communications to include clarity, sentence structure, spelling, basic grammar, logical ordering of information and ideas as needed to complete documentation, prepare work orders, reports, memos, letters, and various forms and documents.
  13. Skill in the use of a personal computer.
  14. Ability to oversee all maintenance functions and assist with emergency measures as required.
  15. Ability to interact effectively with persons of all ethnic and educational backgrounds to include listening, sensitivity to others' feelings, needs, and point of view, tact, and courtesy in expressing opinions or ideas, projecting a positive image of the Decatur Housing Authority as needed to resolve conflicts, provide/gather information.
  16. Ability to plan, organize, and supervise the management of a large-scale, low-rent housing community.
  17. Ability to read and interpret documents such as legal documents, contracts, and procedure manuals.
  18. Ability to plan and organize work to include time management, prioritizing, handling multiple tasks, meeting deadlines, scheduling, and breaking activities down into separate segments as needed to determine time and resources for completion of projects, and provide efficient support of responsibilities.
  19. Ability to analyze reports to include financial and occupancy reports as needed to identify problems and to make recommendations.
  20. Ability to implement proper cost controls or inventory measures as needed to operate within budgetary limits.
  21. Ability to identify employee training needs and to develop or provide employee training programs as needed to ensure that employees can perform the work.
  22. Ability to identify and set standards for tenant services or relations as needed to take actions to resolve problems.
  23. Ability to motivate employees and to foster teamwork as needed to plan and implement programs, to establish performance standards or goals, or to secure commitment to achieve performance standards or goals.
  24. Ability to investigate and analyze conflicts, complaints or problems involving employees, tenants, or the public in unpleasant or risky situations, and to take the appropriate actions.
  25. Ability to work independently without direct supervision and to initiate projects or actions to resolve or prevent problems.
  26. Ability to accurately recognize and recall a series of numbers (e.g., addresses).
  27. Ability to transcribe numerical information from one document to another.
  28. Ability to detect errors or discrepancies in the entry of records, posting data, or other log
  1. Ability to use a variety of sources to research information to complete a project or file.
  2. Ability to maintain an appearance of calmness or composure in dealing with unsatisfied or angry individuals or associates.
  3. Ability to read detailed instructions, such as maintenance manuals, equipment information, or trade textbooks to troubleshoot/service/repair equipment.
  4. Ability to physically inspect the property in its entirety, to include walking and climbing stairs. Ability to withstand all weather conditions. Requires the ability to serve on-call, as scheduled or as necessary.
  5. Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license, possess, and maintain a good driving record, and must be insurable by the Housing Authority's vehicle insurance policy. Must be bondable and insurable by the insurance carrier of the Decatur Housing Authority.
  6. Must complete Fair Housing training annually and demonstrate proficiency in Fair Housing laws and requirements through successful passage of Fair Housing exam required by Director of Housing Management.
  7. Must complete Sexual Harassment training annually and demonstrate proficiency in Sexual Harassment laws and requirements through successful passage of Sexual Harassment exam required by Director of Housing Management.
  8. Must complete Alabama Ethics training annually and demonstrate proficiency in ethics.

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