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Hazardous Material Supervisor

Statement of the Job
Employee serves as a working supervisor of a crew of Hazardous Material Technicians who
remove and dispose of hazardous materials and prepare worksite to ensure safety of the public
during removal. Employee receives written and verbal assignments from a supervisor. Position
requires initiative, sound judgment, problem-solving abilities, strong oral communication skills, strong writing skills.
Duties of the Job
1.  Supervises other regular employees during all portions of the employee’s work time
2.  Conducts planning, scheduling, assigning and reviewing of work, and training
3.  Requires occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs and more frequent lifting of up to 20 lbs.
4.  Requires long periods of standing and /or working in the standing position.
5. Manual labor requiring the use of hand tool such as, but not limited to, hammers, sledges hammers, pry bars, grinders, drills, ect.
6.  Requires the use of various equipment such as, but not limited to, pressure washers, small boats, trucks, forklifts, aerial booms, generators, ect.
7.  Shall ensure all appropriate safety measures and procedures are being followed before and during removal and/or clean-up.
8.  Shows a strong commitment to company HES Program.
9.  Maintains all required paperwork for work assignments, determining material needs, estimating time and cost of removal or encapsulation projects, Site Safety Plans, vehicle mileage, employee work time(s), documentation of hazardous material removed or to be disposed of.
10.  Teaches and enforces all state, federal, and company safety regulations and procedures at the worksite.
11.  Insures adequate supplies are available to complete the required job(s); requisitions equipment from superior to address unplanned events or equipment malfunctions.
12.  Coordinates activities with trades shops, clients, or third-party contractors on jobs requiring joint services.
13.  Monitors jobs to insure completeness and compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
14.  Mains records of jobs performed, departmental charge codes and hours worked by
15.  Performs duties of a Hazardous Materials Technician as listed below:

  • Prepares job sites for hazardous materials removal and disposal, including constructing
  • containment and negative air pressure systems as appropriate.
  • Shall ensure appropriate safety measures are being followed before and during removal.
  • Removes or encapsulates hazardous materials in accordance with applicable state and
  • federal regulations.
  • Shall prepare for and/or dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Uses high efficiency particulate matter vacuum system to clean areas where asbestos
  • dust and fibers are present.
  • Able to learn and/or operate small craft to recover waterborne oil and/or petroleum produce.
  • Able to learn and/or operate a motor vehicle while towing a trailer.
  • Posts appropriate signs to warn facility users of potential hazards; informs facility users
  • about removal or encapsulation projects.
  • Cleans and maintains equipment.
  • Monitors air to verify clean environment after removal or to assess conditions.

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