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Construction Estimator

Posted: 02/18/2024

Our organization is looking for a construction professional eager to learn about our business first through estimating and ultimately move into the project management role. Successful candidates must have leadership qualities, and an in-depth understanding of construction estimating, and project management. The candidate must possess the qualities of a team player. This person must approach his or her work with a no job is too small mentality. This person will possess good moral character and must display such in all company dealings. This job is the perfect fit for someone looking for a loyal company with a family atmosphere and seeking long-term employment in the Decatur, AL area.

The Estimator
The Estimator will project construction costs by collecting and studying information. The estimator analyzes specifications, proposals, and other documents to produce project take-offs/estimates delineating project costs and timelines. The duties include total responsibility for the preparation of all estimates and bidding.

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Building Science, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or similiar background is required.
  • 2-5 years of experience working in the construction field, metal fabrication environment, similar or related position
  • Proven experience as a construction estimator with an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry
  • Successfully used mathematical calculations and technology in the scope of work
  • Ability to read contract documents and contract drawings
  • Competency in basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office products
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • In-depth knowledge of the construction industry and estimating
  • Thorough understanding of mathematical computations, percentages, and geometry
  • The ability to communicate clearly on technical topics
  • Ability to read, interpret and clarify blueprint plans and specifications
  • Must possess excellent reporting skills
  • Must possess excellent documentation skills
  • Must be a self-starter
  • Must be results oriented with the ability to manage “multiple” priorities effectively
  • Must be well-organized and reliable
  • Must pass a background check and drug screen
  • Use company training, processes, and procedures when estimating for consistency of results.
  • Review full specifications, plans, and addendum associated with the project. Complete by the requested due date and take off all items that are to be estimated.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with new and existing customers.
  • Source, identify, and secure accurate processes for structural computations (testing and loading), bonds, licenses, insurance requirements, materials, engineering hours, shop labor, freight, field installation, sales tax, and overhead.
  • Double-check calculations to bid offers before they are ready for submittal.
  • Prepare a project proposal in detail outlining all inclusions and exclusions.
  • Resolve estimating problems before reaching the Chief Estimator.
  • Prepare a scope list of all items included in the estimate and review it with the Chief Estimator. This includes any qualifications or exceptions.
  • Ability to cooperate, participate and be a team player in accomplishing and meeting the company’s goals and objectives. Such as:
  • Productive and cooperative relationships between all departments.
  • Completions of projects below budgeted cost vs. actual bids submitted.
  • Obtain bids from vendors and subcontractors by specifying materials; identifying qualified subcontractors, and negotiating price.
  • Prepare a detailed estimate breakdown once the project is sold (RECAP).
  • Analyze drawings and specifications.
  • Understand contractual terms and conditions.
  • Assemble accurate and well-organized estimates and proposals in a timely manner for stipulated price, build, and construction/project management formatted projects.
  • Provide clear and detailed quantity take-offs.
  • Organize sub-contractor’s quotations, and negotiate to ensure quotes meet contract documents.
  • Provide and maintain unit pricing for material and labor costing.
  • Formulate cost and labor breakdown for estimates.
When a project is awarded:
  • Prepare for the turn-over meeting.
  • Ensure a job packet is prepared and details the estimated start and completion dates, write-up any unusual conditions or job requirements; establish how change orders are to be communicated, quoted, and approved, and establish a schedule of values for the Accounting department
  • Review the estimate with the operations staff through hand-off meetings.
  • Answer questions concerning the estimate. The estimate is used for project planning, organizing, and scheduling work, preparing bids, selecting vendors or subcontractors and determining project cost-effectiveness.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
The Project Manager
The project manager plans, directs, and coordinates all project activities to ensure that project objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and budget.

Education Requirement: B.S. Degree in Construction Management, Building Science, or another related field.

Experience Requirement: Minimum four years experience on the job in order to gain the practical knowledge necessary to perform with average proficiency. Must possess excellent communication skills. Must be proficient in blueprint reading. Must have a thorough knowledge of construction and manufacturing industry tolerances and standards. Must be able to quickly give answers to questions which may arise. Must have knowledge of estimating and billing processes.

Physical/Mental Requirement: Must concentrate mental and visual attention closely on work, accompanied by considerable strain due to extraordinary pressure, volume, or frequent after-hours involvement. Work involves occasional strenuous activity or frequent light effort. Occasional awkward position, heavy repetitive motion, or 30% overnight work.

  • Review all customer documents (specification, correspondence, plans, change notices, amendments, etc.) and all company documents (sales documents, cost estimates and client correspondence) to understand, prepare and submit project objectives for the President’s approval.
  • Develop a project work plan for each project to obtain efficient use of materials, equipment and employees. The project work plan will define how we will manufacture the product, identify questions that need to be answered, when answers are needed and assign responsibilities to get the answer, establish priorities, and organize the work sequence. Once developed, the project work plan will be communicated to all appropriate employees.
  • Modify schedules or plans as required.
  • Ensure submittal drawings are complete (in compliance with the project plan) before mailing them to our customer.
  • Evaluate and select project installers.
  • Coordinate all implementation aspects of the project plan in: administration, sales, project management, engineering, scheduling, purchasing, manufacturing, and installation.
  • Chair weekly progress report meeting. The purpose of which is to evaluate project activities and progress against the work plan. Identify and document tasks that need to be completed, assign those responsibilities to an individual and specify a completion date. Communicate the meeting summary to all appropriate employees.
  • Monitor project progress to ensure work is progressing on time and in conformance with project work plan.
  • Review and analyze progress to determine causes of nonconformity with project plans. Recommend operating methods and procedures to eliminate operating problems.
  • Chair evaluation meeting to critically review all aspects of a project, once completed, in order to improve work flow, and communication, simplify reporting procedures or implement cost reductions.
  • Prepare project reports. Review and approve billings for field work and supervise field project costs.
  • Coordinate activities with general contractor and other sub-contractors.
  • Analyze and resolve work problems. Interpret project plan, specifications, drawings, etc.
  • Maintain master project files and documentation.
  • Propose changes in equipment, processes, or use of materials or services which would result in cost reduction or operations improvement.
  • Evaluate project and all support group activities at project completion. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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